How to Prevent Migraines • Avoid trigger

How to Prevent Migraines
• Avoid triggering factors as much as possible
• Avoid becoming over-tired
• Avoid the build up of stress. If you know you are coming up to a stressful time seek treatment that will greatly reduce the effects of the stress. If you are a regular client at Herbal Nature give us a call and we can organise for you to pick up the appropriate medicines.
Or if you haven’t been to our clinic or if we haven’t seen you for some time you may need to make an appointment. It will be well worth it!
• Make time to relax regularly. If you feel your back, neck and shoulder muscles tensing up have a massage or acupuncture treatment to relieve the tension, thus reducing the likelihood of a migraine developing.
• Adopt stress management techniques that you enjoy. For example, regular massage and/or acupuncture treatments, yoga, Reiki treatments, make time for yourself on a regular basis.
• Use preventative treatments such as Feverfew and Willow Bark as used in the recent clinical trial.
• Acupuncture is very beneficial for the prevention of migraines.

There is much that can be done
Migraine is a complex condition and the mechanisms involved are not fully understood however there is much that can be done to prevent the occurrence of migraines or at the very lease reduce their frequency and severity.

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