Brown Rice Better Than White…. There is

Brown Rice Better Than White….
There is little doubt that brown rice is more nutritious than white rice. It is less processed, higher in good quality soluable firbre and higher in nutrients. When brown rice is milled and polished to turn it into white rice a number of nutrients are greatly reduced. These include B complex vitamins (especially vitamin V3, B1 and B6), iron, manganese and phosphorus. Almost all the fibre and essential fatty acids are lost.

Brown rice helps improve digestive health
Rice bran is a soluable fibre and is high in brown rice but not white. It is a valuable source of food for the ‘good’ intestinal bacteria and can help to relieve a number of digestive complaints. It can help where there is excessive bloating and flatulence and is particularly beneficial after antibiotic possibly in conjunction with a good probiotic supplement.

Feeding beneficial intestinal bacteria is one of the easiest and most effective ways to improve digestive health. There is only space in the gut for a finite number of organisms. It stands to reason, the higher the population of ‘good’ bacteria the lower the population of ‘bad’ bacteria.

Other sources of soluable fibre include oats (oat bran), psyllium husks, slippery elm powder. Fruit and vegetables also contain soluable fibre.

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