The Importance of Testosterone in Men

Testosterone is the major male sex hormone. In many men testosterone levels will decline with age but this need not be the case. Good health is the key to maintaining great testosterone levels as you age.

As a male, why do you need testosterone?
Testosterone is vital reproduction, sexual desire and performance. It is also important for the growth of bone and muscle. To keep up a healthy, active physical and sexual life, testosterone must be kept at a healthy level.

How can you tell if your levels are healthy or not?
Low levels of testosterone can cause low libido, affect your moods, cause low energy and in some aspects affect your mental abilities. Heard of ‘Male Menopause’? Yes, men can go through a type of menopause also. Medically it is often called Androgen Deficiency in Ageing Males (ADAM). This is where libido is low but irritability and fatigue are high. Memory problems increase along with depressive thoughts, disturbed sleep and an inability to cope.

Major causes of lower testosterone levels, resulting in ADAM are:
Stress: – which causes energy reserves to be diverted away from the sex and reproductive system, leading to detrimental consequences on sexual and reproductive outcomes.
Obesity: – causing the body to increase the conversion of testosterone to oestrogen (female hormone), resulting in a hormonal imbalance which overproduces body fat and reduces muscle bulk. Bringing the hormones into balance, allows body fat to be reduced and muscle to be built.
Alcohol: – is a big contributor to a loss in healthy testosterone levels also. Testing has shown that of men male alcoholics often have low levels of testosterone and an over production of oestrogen. You do not have to actually be an alcoholic for alcohol to have a detrimental impact.

So, what can you do to increase your testosterone to a healthy level, and bring back a renewed vitality for life?
Four tips to start you on your way are:
1. A good healthy eating plan. Maintain a diet high in fresh vegetables with some fresh fruit. Eat small amounts of saturated fats and increased omega-3 fats from cold water fish. Make sure your diet is not too high in carbohydrates. Carbs are addictive and easily lead to weight gain. Minimise processed foods, sugar, caffeine and alcohol.
2. Moderate exercise on a regular basis. This can be any type of exercise that you enjoy. The important thing is consistency.
3. Reduce excessive stress in your life. Take time out for YOU. Remember how you felt when you were not so stressed. What works well to de-stress you? Whatever it is start doing it! eg walks on the beach, a game of golf, read a good book etc.
If you can adhere to these key lifestyle recommendations and you will age healthily and the benefits of testosterone will be yours!

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