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About Berris

Hi there,

I hope you enjoy my blog. I will be adding to it regularly so keep checking. You can also go to my website –– and register to receive my newsletters.

I have been in clinical practice as a naturopath for 20 years. During that time I have treated a very wide range of conditions and health problems. Although I still treat many different conditions, these days I tend to specialise in specific health issues, for example: Fatigue, Immune related problems including autoimmune diseases, Stress and Adrenal Health, Thyroid conditions, Menopause, Endocrine disorders, Male and Female Reproductive problems.

I lecture regularly to practitioners throughout Australia, New Zealand, the UK and South Africa. I also give guest lectures to students at universities in the UK and South Africa. I love this part of my work equally as much as I love clinical practice. The research and writing I undertake in preparing my post-graduate lectures keeps me up to date with the very latest research and treatments for a number of different conditions.

I also have a keen interest in herbal safety, particularly herb-drug interactions and I co-wrote the Herb-Drug Interaction chapter in the acclaimed herbal textbook “The Essential Guide to Herbal Safety” by Simon Mills and Kerry Bone.

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