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Feverfew and Willow Bark for Migraines –

Feverfew and Willow Bark for Migraines – New Clinical Trial

There has been several clinical trials that show the effectiveness of long-term use of Feverfew for management of migraines. These trials demonstrate that it can take several months to have a significant reduction in the frequency of migraines. The length of time taken to achieve results may be dose related.

In a recent clinical trial researchers used much higher doses of Feverfew and combined it with Willow Bark. The trial went for 12 weeks in total and achieved the following results:

• a 57% reduction in the frequency of migraines within a 6-week period and a 61.7% reduction after 12 weeks of the herbal therapy
• a 38.7% reduction in migraine severity after 6 weeks and a 62.6% reduction after 12 weeks of treatment
• a 27.2% reduction in migraine duration at 6 weeks and a 76.2% reduction after 12 weeks

These results are very interesting and suggest that the combination of the correct dose of Feverfew and Willow Bark is well worth trying for the treatment/management of recurrent migraines.

If you have tried Feverfew previously and found it ineffective this new treatment regime may give better results.

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