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Triggers for Migraine Stress – One of th

Triggers for Migraine
Stress – One of the triggers for migraine in many people is stress, although the migraine may not occur until after the stressful event. Stress can initiate a migraine (or other types of headaches) because of the tightening of muscles around the neck and shoulders. Finding ways of management stress can be very beneficial. There are many herbal medicines that help the body to cope with stress much better and some are given specifically to prevent headaches and migraines associated with stress. Our clinical experience show that these work very well as part of the management and treatment of migraines.

Menstrual Cycle – Many women will experience migraines at specific times during their menstrual cycle. Most commonly the migraines will occur in the premenstrual phase however they can also occur at other times during the cycle. When headaches are associated with the menstrual cycle part of the treatment must include herbs can correct hormonal irregularities and/or the woman’s sensitivity to changing hormonal levels that occur naturally throughout the cycle.

Diet – Diet can definitely be a trigger for migraine in many sufferers. The offending foods vary greatly between individuals however the most common foods associated with the onset of a migraine include cheese, chocolate, citrus fruits and alcohol, especially red wine.

Sluggish liver function – The liver is responsible for many functions in the body however one of its major functions is the elimination of toxins. If there is reduced ability for the liver to perform this important task, toxins can build up and cause or contribute to the onset of migraine headaches.
Decreased liver function can also lead to food intolerances and sluggish bowel function, which further contributes to migraines.

Other triggers include too little or too much sleep, tiredness/fatigue, bright lights, noise, excessive heat or exposure to chemicals.

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