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Coleus Helps With Weight Loss The herb C

Coleus Helps With Weight Loss

The herb Coleus (Coleus forskohlii) could be an important part of your weight loss program. There have been a number of clinical trials showing that Coleus not only helped with actual with weight loss, but more importantly it increased lean muscle mass, resulting in a loss of centimeters. Remember muscle weighs more than fat. So, when you are trying to lose weight don’t get too caught up with the scales. Your changing measurements (and the way your clothes are getting too big!) are the best indication of how you are going.

One study conducted in the United States showed that although there was no change in food intake, overweight women taking Coleus extract experienced weight loss.
A Japanese study over 12 weeks showed there was a significant decrease in body weight and body fat in 14 overweight women and men when coleus extract was administrated. Research done in India showed a significant difference in weight loss between a group that received coleus and the group that received a placebo.

Results of the Indian study showed those taking Coleus had an increase in serum HDL, our good cholesterol (LDL- bad cholesterol), therefore helping prevent heart problems. Coleus also helps to reduce blood pressure in people with hypertension. In addition to its cardiovascular benefits, Coleus appears to stimulate thyroid function, thus increasing metabolic rate further helping with weight loss. Coleus aids digestion by increasing the secretion of gastric secretions, helping with food breakdown and digestion.

It is important to have a high dose of Coleus to achieve these results. In my clinic I use a Coleus tablet that I prescribe at a dose of 2 to 3 tablets daily and this gives the same dose as that used in the clinical trials. I usually prescribe Coleus as part of a total weight loss program designed for each individual.

Caution – there are some situations when Coleus should not be taken so it is best to seek professional advice.

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Easy, Sustainable Weight Loss

by Berris Burgoyne – Naturopath –
Suite 8/1177 Logan Road, Holland Park, Brisbane 4121

Easy, Sustainable Weight Loss Can be Achieved!
For many people losing weight and the maintenance of their ideal weight can be difficult. One of the main reasons for this is that many diets are very restrictive making them difficult to stick to, particularly if you are very busy or if you socialise frequently. On some diets you may need to eat different meals to the rest of the family and it all becomes too difficult.

The ideal weight loss program is one that is simple to understand and easy to maintain. It will introduce you to a healthy style of eating that suits your lifestyle, tastes and preferences, and at the same time results in weight loss.

One of the healthy eating/weight loss programs that I am using increasingly, because of its simplicity, is the Whole Life Vitality – Eating for Health program.

I have seen many people achieve their ideal weight using this program. Most comment on how easy it is to maintain the healthy eating regime. Even if you socialise regularly, you will easily be able to stick to the program.

The Whole Life Vitality – Eating for Health program is very effective and easy to stick to –
 You do not have to weigh your food
 There are no special foods to buy
 The whole family can eat the same delicious, nutritious meals
 It is not a low carbohydrate diet but rather a balanced eating plan
 You can choose from a wide variety of foods and eat 3 meals plus healthy snacks daily – you will not feel hungry
 You will receive a detailed manual containing all the information you need including meal plans and delicious, easy to prepare recipes
 You will be supported throughout the program with regular ‘weigh and measure’ appointments

I will work with you to achieve the right eating plan and lifestyle choices that are best for you. You will be surprised at how easy it can be to lose weight and feel fabulous.

I will help you set realistic, attainable goals for your weight loss and general health, and guide you towards achieving them. You will not only lose weight, you will have a very satisfying sense of achievement and realise that you can do anything. Sometimes all you need is a little support, guidance and encouragement.

Where appropriate you may be prescribed supplements to improve metabolism, assist with weight loss, improve sugar metabolism and reduce sweet cravings, and to increase fat burning and the building of lean muscle mass. These supplements can usually be reduced and stopped once your ideal weight has been reached.

You will experience increased energy and vitality, and generally feel fabulous with your new weight, and you will be armed with simple strategies to maintain it.

If you are interested in losing weight and improving you overall health and wellbeing give me a call –   07 3349 3122  . It may be one of the best things you will ever do!

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